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Organisations And Culture
Organizational Culture

Organizations have personalities like individuals and like individuals, they have enduring and stable traits that help us predict their attitudes and behaviors. An organization’s culture may be hard to define but it has a major impact on the behavior of individuals in the organization. To understand one’s behavior in an organizational culture it helps to understand the dominant culture in an organization and to figure out how individuals come to learn that culture and how the culture affects them.

Defining Organizational Culture (7 Characteristics)

There seems to be wide agreement that organizational culture refers to a system of' shared meaning held by members that distinguishes the organization from other organizations. This system of shared meaning is, on closer examination, a set of key characteristics that the organization values. Recent research suggests that seven primary characteristics, in aggregate, capture the essence of an organization's culture.

1. Innovation and risk taking-The degree to which employees are encouraged to be innovative and take risks

2. Attention to detail-The degree to which employees are expected to exhibit precision, analysis, and attention to detail

3. Outcome orientation-The degree to which management focuses on results or outcomes rather than on the techniques and processes used to achieve those outcomes

4. People orientation-The degree to which management decisions take into consideration the effect of' outcomes oil people within the organization

5. Team orientation-The degree to which work activities are organized around teams rather than individuals

6. Aggressiveness-The degree to which people are aggressive and competitive rather than easygoing< ...
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China Sport Product Market Analysis

Since in China the economy expanded immensely and the urban people start to accept Western world dress style. The Chinese young peoples fashion styles are most trends to North American. Accordingly, the volume of trade between foreign countries and China is increasing rapidly. In order to enter China market, the Marketing strategy should be considered, and some adaptations and developments are necessary.
Marketing strategy
Join a partnership with local company is the optimal method for Roots to operating business in Chinese market. Especially, the Chinese business has very strong relationship between retailers and wholesalers, this factor has the highest flight for a new firm successful in China. The local partners could manage lots of marketing functions such as supervise inventory and transported distribution. The product development and promotional management could manage by Roots and local partners coordinated. Furthermore, the price policy management will be a coordination of both two parties to ensure that the price is affordable and rivalrous.
Product adaptations
Same to Canada, Chinese youngling prefer sportswear much better, the leather bag and wallet also very popular in China.

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